Staff & Board of Directors

Who we are…  Staff

Steve Wood, Founder, Director

Steve received a BA from Colorado College in 1984 and subsequently apprenticed with master muralist Eric Bransby. In his tenure as Director of Public Art Associates, LLC, Steve received numurous awards including the “Service Learning Award” (1996), the “Community Weaver Award” (1998), from KRCC and the CS Independent, the “Public Art Empowering Youth Award” (1999) from the Pikes Peak Arts Council, the “Continuing Support for Arts Education Award” (2003) from the Arts, Business, and Education Consoritum, the “Service Outside the Field Award” (2008) from the Colorado Art Educators Assoc., the “Bee an Arts Leader Award” (2012) from the Bee Vradenburg Foundation, and the “Starr Kempf Imagination Award” (2015) from the What If Festival of Innovation and Imagination. In 2017, Steve received the “Charles Rockey Artistic Endeavors Award” from the Manitou Springs Collaborative. His mural and sculptural projects have also earned numerous design awards, including “Project of the Year Award” (2003) from the American Public Works Assoc. (with Mario Miguel Echevarria and others) and the “Compatible New Construction Award” from the Colorado Springs Historic Preservation Alliance.
Steve is a board member of the Community Built Assoc., a national nonprofit that support architects, artists, builders, planners, teachers, and other who incorporate the community in their practice. 
Steve is married to Laurie Wood and they have one son, Jake.

Terry Marinez, Development Director. Terry worked for 31 years for D11, most recently as an elementary school principal where he collaborated with Concrete Couch. He joined Concrete Couch after retiring. He is also heavily involved in local politics.

Malachi Price, Jam Band Leader & Outreach. Mal is a lover of all things music and aims to help grow the local music community through collaboration. Mal joined the band in 2019 after moving to Colorado and has since become the band organizer, outreach ambassador, and instrument caretaker. Mal is also a marketer by trade, an explorer of the Rockies, and a dog dad.

Caitlin Hannigan, Education Director. Caitlin grew up in Colorado Springs. She brings her passion and love of teaching to the Concrete Couch after spending the last 4 years teaching in China. She loves cooking and traveling to new places.

George Estevez, is an Instructor for Concrete Couch. He has a doctorate in physics and runs our Citizen Science, Bikes and Tree Care programs. He loves trees, ecology, bikes, and people.

David Reese Cole is an assistant instructor for Concrete Couch who helps run Citizen Science, Tuesday Trails, and other programs. David started volunteering with us in 2017, the became an intern, then Super Intern, and joined the regular staff in the fall of 2020. David is an artist and animator.

Dee Smith is the Outreach Director for Concrete Couch. He is also the Founder and Executive Director of OneBodyEnt. and a life-long member of Colorado Springs’ Southside Community. He was born and raised in the neighborhood affectionately known as “K-Land.” He and his wife, Jennifer, established OneBodyEnt and the K-Land Neighborhood Association.

Kai Gaynor, teacher, local artist.

Kendall Kultgen grew up in Colorado Springs and started working at Concrete Couch in 2016 as a Public Interest Fellow, after graduating from Colorado College. Since then, she has had various roles with the Couch as Program Director, Special Projects Teacher, Grant Writer, and Supporter. She loves making art, reading, and antiquing, and lives in Denver.

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Board of Directors

Dora Haslinger, Treasurer Production Printing, Colorado Springs School D11 Dora was born in Colorado Springs and has lived here most of her life. She believes in the importance of environmental and cultural stewardship and is involved with several community-fostering organizations. Being an artist and an avid outdoorsman, along with being a resident of the Hillside neighborhood, she has a unique and vested interest in helping the Concrete Couch and its newest project, the Concrete Coyote, grow and thrive.

Diane Dillon

Cathe Bailie

Josh Rafail – Technology Consultant at Rhythmic Volition

Ora Scott, Grandmother and gardener, local Hillside Resident

Tiffany Paisley, Branch Manager at PPLD.

Barak Ben Amots is a farmer, teacher, musician and long time friend of Concrete Couch.

Mia Alvarado is a writer, teacher, artist, community organizer, and current vice president of the Concrete Couch Board. She is inspired by the way the Couch enfranchises children, practices radical welcome, and salvages what others call trash. Local projects she’s led include BREAD, Stories on the Land, a series of murals featuring short poems by women, the Little L Preschool, public read-throughs of “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July,” and literary events at Mountain Fold Books. She has taught at UCCS, CC, the Seven Hills School (Cincinnati), the University of Iowa, and St. Michael’s Academy (NYC). She goes by her nickname and publishes under her full name, Mary Margaret Alvarado.