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Concrete Couch Mission Statement
To work with kids and community groups to create public art, to build community,
and to create environments and experiences that humanize our world…

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We’re Concrete Couch and we help communities come together to do amazing things.
Concrete Couch has been connecting communities since 1990.  We started out as a loosely-affiliated but tightly-aligned group of teachers, artists, builders, optimists, pragmatists, environmentalists, and super-heroes (plus the odd dramatist, literally). We gained our 501C3 status in 2004 and have been going strong ever since.The people we bring together for our projects and programs create murals, bridges, towers, mosaics, park benches, friendships, wacky experiences, grow spinach (and other delectables), and, yes, make the occasional concrete couch. Our participants also build confidence, connection, hope, self-esteem, skills, and optimism.We love what we do, we think it’s important, and we hope you’ll come along to be a part of it all.

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Our 7 Core Beliefs

1) Community matters
It’s what holds us together—but the places where community happens are disappearing. We want to create new ones and strengthen old places.

2) Making things is fun work
Creativity is a fundamental human force that connects us to who we are. When we make things, we’re being our best selves.

3) Junk is just raw material waiting for an idea
You’d be amazed what we can do with a pile of stuff that’s headed for the landfill.

4) Every community has strengths, assets, and resources
We love discovering these resources and creating a venue for the sharing of skills, knowledge, tools, and ideas. Projects move forward and our communities grow stronger.

5) Sharing things with others makes people happier
Sharing food, music, tools, materials and knowledge makes us all feel better about ourselves and our world. We’re never happier than when we’re sharing our gifts.

6) People who feel valued contribute more
We love watching what happens when a person is given a welder, an engaging project, new friends, and enthusiastic support. This is sheer magic, and it’s what gets us out of bed in the morning.

7) Getting dirty is liberating
Most of our best times involved dirt, dust, paint, glue and some kind of unidentified gunk (respirators where appropriate). We make a mess to make things functional and beautiful.

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3 Videos About Concrete Couch


Our Story
Movie by John Bourbonais

Community Built Playgrounds
Movie by Kendall Kultgen

Movie by Vince Coleman

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The Couch’s Impact in Colorado Springs

Executive Director Steve Wood’s and Concrete Couch’s Awards

“Service Learning Award”
“Community Weaver Award” (1998), from KRCC and the CS Independent
“Public Art Empowering Youth Award” (1999) from the Pikes Peak Arts Council
“Continuing Support for Arts Education Award” (2003) from the Arts, Business, and Education Consortium
“Service Outside the Field Award” (2008) from the Colorado Art Educators Assoc.
“Bee an Arts Leader Award” (2012) from the Bee Vradenburg Foundation
“Starr Kempf Imagination Award” (2015) from the What If Festival of Innovation and Imagination
“Charles Rockey Artistic Endeavors Award” from the Manitou Springs Collaborative
“Project of the Year Award” (2003) from the American Public Works Assoc.
“E-chievement Award” (2017) from E-Town
“Compatible New Construction Award” (2017) from the Colorado Springs Historic Preservation Alliance.
“Future of the Arts” (2017) from the Pikes Peak Arts Council

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